125.660 Spesimen Sejarah Alam
Komunitas Salihara Gallery
Jl. Salihara No. 16 Jakarta Selatan
16 August – 15 September 2015

125,660 Specimens of Natural History is the first major exhibition of Reassembling the Natural; the exhibition project addresses colonial natural history collections and the environmental transformations they produced, and the legacy of these activities, known as the Anthropocene. The project follows the course of Alfred Russel Wallace (1823–1913), best known for co-discovering the theory of evolution by natural selection. From 1854 to 1862, Wallace travelled the Malay Archipelago, documenting the region’s biodiversity and amassing a gigantic collection of specimens for European museums. The project invites artists to retrace, re-appropriate or reassess the expedition, its documents, and its various artifacts, and explores how trans-cultural collaborative approaches to artistic and scientific practice can address urgent environmental questions.

Premiering at the gallery of the multi-arts center Komunitas Salihara, Jakarta, Indonesia on 15 August 2015 as the exhibition entitled 125.660 Spesimen Sejarah Alam, the project presents works by 13 Indonesian participants and 13 foreign participants—including ten newly created artworks—alongside books, archival material and zoological specimens from the Research Center for Biology/Indonesian Institute of Sciences (MZB/LIPI) at Bogor-Cibinong, and related historical objects. A special highlight of 125.660 Spesimen is a selection from LIPI’s collection of historical glass plate negatives, which document the environmental and botanical transformations of the Indonesian archipelago at the turn of the twentieth century. These negatives have never before been presented to the public and comprise the only collection of its kind in Indonesia.

The exhibition also hosts a weekly program aimed at a general public that brings together Indonesian and international artists, environmentalists, and natural scientists. A catalog in Bahasa Indonesian, including an essay on Wallace’s Malay expedition by evolutionary biologist Andrew Berry, will be available gratis as part of the show.

The Jakarta iteration, 125.660 Spesimen Sejarah Alam, is realized in partnership with the multi-arts center Komunitas Salihara and the Museum Zoologicum Bogoriense/Indonesian Institute of Science (LIPI/MZB), in cooperation with Schering Stiftung and with additional support of the Goethe-Institut and the British Council.

Read and see more about the exhibition in [Stedelijk Studies No. 4]

Exhibition Matter

Indonesian Participants

  • Ari Bayuaji
  • farid rakun (Equanorth)
  • Theo Frids Hutabarat
  • Aprina Murwanti & Bharoto Yekti
  • Intan Prisanti
  • Lintang Radittya
  • Ary Sendy
  • Andreas Siagian
  • Zenzi Suhadi (WALHI)
  • Satrio Wicaksono (Towuti Drilling Project)
  • Tintin Wulia
  • Mahardika Yudha


International Participants

  • Fred Langford Edwards
  • Lucy Davis
  • Mark Dion
  • Sigrid Espelien (Equanorth)
  • Geraldine Juarez
  • Cindy Lin
  • Edwin Scholes & Tim Laman
  • Flora Lichtman & Sharon Shattuck
  • Shannon Lee Castleman
  • Laleh Torabi
  • Robert Zhao Renhui (Institute of Critical Zoologists)


Curatorial Team

  • Dian Ina Mahendra, Komunitas Salihara Gallery Manager
  • Asikin Hasan, Komunitas Salihara Curator of Contemporary Art
  • Nirwan Dewanto, Komunitas Salihara Program Director
  • Anna-Sophie Springer, Guest Curator
  • Etienne Turpin, Guest Curator


Scientific Research Partner

  • Pusat Penelitian Biologi
  • Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia (MZB/LIPI), Cibinong


Scientific Curatorial Team

  • Prof. Dr. Rosichon Ubaidillah, M.Phil., Head of Zoology Section, Museum Zoologicum Bogoriense
  • Dr. Awit Suwito, Kepala Sub-seksi Manajemen Koleksi
  • Dr. Amir Hamidy, Kurator Herpetofauna
  • Ir. Maharadatunkamsi, M.Sc., Kurator Mammalia
  • Dr. Djunijati Peggie, M.Sc., Kurator Serangga
  • Mohammad Irham, M.Sc., Kurator Burung


Exhibition Team

  • Sonja Dahl, Exhibition Coordinator
  • Alex Berceanu, Art Director
  • Alifa Rachmadia Putri, Curatorial Assistant
  • Tatyana Kusumo, Exhibition Design Assistant
  • Widya Ramadhani, Exhibition Assistant
  • Robin Hartanto, Exhibition Assistant



  • Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia (LIPI)
  • Museum Zoologicum Bogoriense (MZB)
  • Perpustakaan Nasional Indonesia
  • Linnean Society (London, UK)
  • Natural History Museum (London, UK)
  • Tring Natural History Museum (Tring, UK)
  • Oxford Natural History Museum (Oxford, UK)